What's RIMA?

RIMA is a script tool that clean up your messy Inbox by archiving your messages to a convenient folder, inside your Imap server.
Get faster email searching! And nothing is lost!
RIMA is Free Software and you can contribute to it by developing or donate

Latest Stable Version: 0.2 on Aug 02, 2009



Why Ruby?
Ruby is simple, elegant and well supported. It's easy to learn and understand. It's free.
Why Imap?
Imap is better than POP. And using standard Imap commands you can control your Mailbox.
Why Mailbox?
Almost every mailbox I've seen is messy and filled up. So you need RIMA!
Why Archiver?
Because information costs real $$! And you don't want to throw away money searching for lost emails!
What do you need?
Uh... An Imap Account; a Linux/Unix/OsX box with Ruby installed on; an internet connection; some spare time!
RIMA is actively supported?
Hey, I've just uploaded version 0.2! It's Brand New!
If you like it, I'll be glad to continue work on it! And I like your contribution too!
Can I trust it?
Of course you can!
Better after a backup...
Is it simple to use?
Yes! Just edit only one little configuration file!
But you have to read the instructions...
Is it free?
RIMA is licensed with a MIT License, so it is!
Download RIMA to obtain the source code!
But... free as in beer?
Well, yes... but consider to gift me a beer if RIMA solves some problems of yours (only mail related...).
Just send me some Euros to my PayPal account and I will drink a beer to the nearest pub.

How RIMA works?

  1. Upon the execution, RIMA.rb reads and parse the configuration file Settings.yml
  2. For each mailbox in Settings.yml, RIMA.rb create a new Mailbox object and puts it into an array
  3. For each Mailbox in the array, RIMA calls archive on it. That's:
    1. The Mailbox object create the connection to the server
    2. When ready, it creates the archive folders (named like 2009-04), and selects the messages that needs to be moved
    3. Each message is copied from Inbox to the new folder and flagged as deleted into the Inbox
    4. Mailbox calls the Imap function expunge to effectively delete the flagged messages
    5. Mailbox disconnects itself from the server

Instructions (a.k.a. TFM!)


Basic Usage:


  1. Please (please, please!) consider to make a backup of your entire mailbox before executing RIMA script.
    Even if I tested it, this Software might make the worst things with your precious messages (a.k.a. deletion).
    I will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your data.
    No claims. Never!
    Chuck Norris is my lawyer. So be responsible!
  2. The execution time is proportional to the number of messages in your mailbox.
  3. Sometimes ssl to imap connections fails. In case, try with ssl: false instead of ssl: true in Settings.yml

To Do: